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A few words about Readmill for iPad

Posted July 6, 2011

In a few weeks our anticipated little baby will say hello. We’re talking about our own ebook reader, Readmill for iPad. It’s a lightweight and socially powerful reader that we’re very proud of. 

While reading you can highlight your favorite parts and instantly share it all over the web, access your reading data such as time spent and time left, and much more.

We would like to share three brief thoughts on why it looks like it looks and works like it works.

Readmill for iPad

1. Goodbye covers

We love and respect the art of book cover design. What we don’t love as much are the small, blurry, over-compressed covers that appears in most ereaders today. Instead we have made an interpretation of the book and the cover. In our app, books are stacked on top of each other, each one with its own color.

2. It’s made for reading

From the start our ambition has been to provide a really good reading experience. We’ve spent a lot of time researching typefaces, testing how well they render, making longlists and shortlists. The whole team has been included in doing reading tests during lunch hour. It’s not perfect yet, but we think we’ve got something going on. 

There isn’t an infinite number of fonts, margins, line-heights and number of columns to choose from. We have taken everything we have learned so far into consideration and made three options: small, medium or large. 

Something we’ve missed in other ereaders is a flexible column width, that gives you a reasonable number of characters per line. 

3. Flat is the new black

As much as we love the iOS interface design principles, we believe it’s time to move away from the slightly exaggerated imitation of the physical world. Sure, it’s important that a user interface is tactile, but in order to do that, using all effects in Photoshop is not always necessary.

“I say that flat is the new black; that 2D is the new avant-garde; that a surface doesn’t have to be ashamed of being a surface”

— Steve Pole

We hope you will like it. Sign up for an invite and we will give you one as soon as possible.


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