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It’s here. Introducing Readmill for iPhone

Posted February 6, 2013


We love reading. So much, in fact, we wish we could do it all the time. Problem is, pulling out an iPad on a train usually raises a few eyebrows. Luckily, we have great reading devices in our pockets: our phones. With high-resolution screens, they’re just as a good as paper. So the natural thing for us to do was to bring Readmill to the iPhone. And it’s available today.


Readmill for iPhone has been designed specifically for the small screen. If you use our iPad app, things will feel very familiar. A new feature we really like is one you shouldn’t notice — that you’ll always be on the latest page of your book, even if you swap between iPhone or iPad.


Our iPhone app makes a great reader all by itself. If you’ve never read on mobile, this is the perfect time to get started. It’s surprisingly good. But don’t take our word for it, here’s a few quotes from our early beta testers:

"Absolutely love it. Seriously, it’s just wonderful to be reading on my phone again."

Ethan Marcotte, Author of Responsive Web Design

"Phenomenal. It’s just a joy to touch and interact with the whole interface. I love it."

Craig Mod, Independent designer, writer and publisher

"It’s hard to go back to iBooks after reading in Readmill. Best reading interface yet."

— Aaron Lammer, Founder of Longform

"You’re going to love the Readmill iPhone app — it is seamless, syncs with precision, and is a delight to use."

Krista Stevens, Editor at Contents

Download today

Readmill for iPhone is available today for free on the App Store. Stick it on your homescreen, and let us know what you think of it.

Download Readmill for iPhone from the App Store

Happy reading!
Matthew and the Readmill team.


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