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Introducing Library and Send to Readmill

Posted June 12, 2012

Today’s a big day. We’re thrilled to announce two things we’ve been working on for quite some time - Library and Send to Readmill. Both features make getting books into Readmill easier than it’s ever been, and will be a welcomed addition for any of you who regularly buy from independent stores. Remember our recent blog series? It should all start making sense now. Let’s begin.

Library. A place in the sky for your book collection.

Where are most of your ebooks stored? Hopefully in Dropbox, ready to read with Readmill. If not, chances are they’re lying in many different places on your computer. Where you store your books plays a big part in how you get to reading them. If they’re on your computer, and you read on your iPad, then something’s definitely broken. Library is our answer to this problem. It’s a place to store all of your epubs in the cloud, and is available free with every Readmill account as of… right now!

Drag and drop a handful of books - or your entire collection, if you wish - anywhere on They’ll start uploading to Library straight away. They’ll be directly linked to your Readmill account, which makes getting around to reading them super easy. Just open up Readmill for iPad, sync, and boom. The books you just uploaded on the web are now ready to read on your iPad. It’s that simple. They’re also accessible from your other devices (if you have multiple iPads, for example).

Send to Readmill. From here to there in one click.

Wait… there’s more. What if we could skip the whole uploading part? That’s where Send to Readmill comes in. It’s a button you’ll see after purchasing a book from an independent store, sitting next to the usual download button. If you click it, some magic happens - your purchase will be automatically sent to your Library. Open your iPad, sync, and it’s there ready to read.

It’s great for the independent stores who sell the books too, as the user flow is so simple it will bring in more customers. We’re happy to announce that you can use Send to Readmill buttons on all of these fantastic stores, with more coming soon:, Jottify, Publit, Bookrix, Bibliocrunch.

You can also use the button with Readlists, the latest project from the guys over at Readability. Quite a few of you really wanted this integration, so we highly recommend checking it out!

Readlists, curate and bundle articles into an ebook.

Jottify, a community of people sharing, discussing and selling stories online.

Leanpub, self-publishing platform.

Spend more time reading.

Today’s releases truly bridge the gap between buying and reading. Gone are the days of downloading and storing books on your computer. Gone are the days of manually syncing them over to your device. Buy and read. That’s all it should be. As we’ve been discussing in our latest blog series, companies like Apple, Barnes & Noble and Amazon have this down to a fine art. We want a kindle-like delivery process for every reader out there, regardless of store or device. Send to Readmill and Library are steps towards this goal, with more on the way later this year.

So that’s the lowdown, now it’s time for you to dive in. Head over to Library, and upload your entire ebook collection. You can also find it by going to and clicking your avatar at the top right. You can drag and drop an ePub anywhere on too, which will start the upload process. Once your books have been uploaded, head over to Readmill for iPad. Tap your avatar at the bottom left, then tap “sync library”, and your books will be added.

You’ll need to fire up the App Store on your iPad and download the latest Readmill update to take advantage of Library. You can also get it right here.

As always, we’d love to hear your comments below. If you have any questions and/or suggestions, we’re all ears!

We hope you enjoy,
Team Readmill (Matthew)


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