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Guest post: Nicole Jones - Beyond the page

Posted June 5, 2012

My reading habits are evolving and I love that.

Until I started using Readmill, I didn’t realize why I am so slow with works on paper. I need to take notes, because I want to keep things that are important to me. My memory isn’t so great and I’ve never been comfortable marking up a beautiful text with a cheap highlighter. This leads to makeshift bookmarks falling all over the place.

Readmill makes saving notes and highlights so natural and inevitable that I can’t imagine reading books on iPad any other way. I am a highlighting freak, and man, it feels good to be free. In fact, I have a stack of books I’ve repurchased just so I can read them in Readmill and highlight them as I go.

The second thing I’ve noticed is that I love it when my friends share what they’re reading. It affects my reading list and my life in the best of ways. At any given moment, fantastic things to read are just a few steps away, thanks to all the smarties across the interwebs. And when I happen to find something on my own, I pass it along too, so as to encourage more passing along of fantastic things to read.

As a writer, the concept of sharing is pretty straightforward. I make and publish things to express myself and learn from my audience. The voice in my head needs an ear to mature; I enjoy my work more and do a better job when I understand how people react and relate to things.

I feel the same way about reading. When I know a friend or colleague felt something while reading, I feel moved to dig into it and understand. And when a book puts a fire in me, I want to share that too, because we all need little fires in our hearts and minds to keep us going. And we can discuss these lovely little fires and learn from each other.

As I’ve moved from reading 1-2 books a year to several books a month, I’m proud to be reading and sharing with Readmill.

Nicole Jones is a writer, editor, and strategist in San Francisco. She works at Facebook and runs Born Hungry, an online magazine for home cooks. Follow what’s she reading on Readmill and Reading.


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