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Readmill for iPad - Going unnoticed

Posted May 3, 2012

It’s in the background. It’s trying its best to get out of your way. That’s exactly how we want Readmill to be. We’re devoted to making your reading experience as simple, non-distracting and intuitive as possible. And today we’ve got a Readmill for iPad update that adds to this philosophy, with some extras on top. So what’s on the cards?

Start and finish your book in style.

We guess you’re familiar with how you start and finish reading a book on Readmill. Today we do away with the connect pop-over, and instead give you all of your sharing and tracking options in a new side view. The side view sweeps in beautifully from the right, and gives you a peek at the book behind. It finally feels like you’ve lifted the front cover off without being interrupted. From here you can start reading and begin tracking your progress and highlights. For those of you who like to skim a page or two before committing, we’ve got you covered. Swipe the side view away and get a taste of what’s to come — without sharing any progress with your followers.

Feel rewarded…

Many of us spend hours inside our books. We do so for the love of reading, of course. But after you’ve finally finished War and Peace it would be nice to have someone give you a pat on the back, right? Today’s update brings you a nice reward screen every time you successfully finish a book because… well… you deserve it. You can see a nice recap of all your activity from start to finish too, including the time spent reading the book and the number of highlights you made. Be sure to recommend the book to your follows if you liked it, and seal the deal with a closing remark. To spur you on, you can even dive right to your ‘interesting books’ section to grab your next read. As much as Readmill is going unnoticed, your achievements never will.

Retina support and a built in browser? Check. 

We’ve updated all of our in-app graphics ready for the new iPad’s beautiful retina display. You can enjoy a clearer, crisper Readmill experience — one that will make your reading even more immersive. We’ve also included a brand new built-in browser for all of those books that contain links and other online resources. You won’t be forced out of the app anymore, so you can spend more time actually reading without heading for your multitasking tray every time you jump on the web.

We sure hope you enjoy today’s Readmill for iPad update, which you can grab from the App Store. Feel free to leave any comments you have below, or if you’d like to ask us a question we’re always available at There’s plenty of hidden features in today’s release too, so get busy looking! If you don’t find any, don’t worry. I’m sure we can show you them in a blog post very soon ;) 

Happy updating!
Team Readmill (Matthew)


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