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Dropbox integration

Posted November 6, 2011

Our weekend hackathon at the office is slowly coming to an end. But before we go to bed we want to announce one last thing: Dropbox integration!

Ever since we did a write up on how to open books from Dropbox in Readmill people have been saying how great and easy it is. Well, today we decided to make it even easier. In our next update you will be able to connect to your Dropbox account from inside of the app. When connected, we will automatically download all of the books from the folder /apps/readmill and load them into your library.

When you have bought new things to read, simply put them in the folder, open Readmill for iPad, tap the avatar to bring up the menu and select Dropbox. From there you can download all the new books you’ve bought. The app keeps track of which books you already have and only download the new ones. We promise you’ll never have to transfer another book through iTunes again.

We hope you’ll like it!


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