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Where to Find the Good Stuff

Posted October 11, 2011

Here at Readmill we’re big supporters of DRM-free publishing. Since finding good DRM-free books is still somewhat of a tricky task, over the coming weeks we’ll be pointing you in the direction of some of our favourite places to pick up great new books.

Here’s a couple of our top spots for great books on web design -

A Book Apart

"Brief books for people who make websites."

"A Book Apart publishes highly detailed and meticulously edited examinations of single topics. We produce brief books of about 100 pages—the perfect size in terms of subject depth and coverage for topics like HTML5, CSS3, content strategy, responsive web design, and more."

Ethan Marcotte’s 'Responsive Web Design', published by A Book Apart, is currently the most popular book on Readmill.

A Book Apart are releasing three new books next week (18th), including 'Mobile First' by Luke Wroblewski, (author of 'Web Form Design' currently available from our second featured publisher, Rosenfeld).


Rosenfeld Media publishes short, practical, and useful books on user experience design. Our products explain the design and research methods that web professionals need to make informed design decisions.”

If you’re looking for some serious reading on user experience, Rosenfeld are currently offering a library pack of all eight of their published books to date, for $119. They all have pretty covers too.

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